a place that is blanketed in green as you descend in a small plane. You are embraced by the calmness here. The roads are speckled with lovely Buddhist temples and as you ride past, you catch glimpses of brilliant orange robes worn.


spending a morning walking along the Mekong and watching it come to life. A hot latte and a book or journal stretches time luxuriously. This place is captured in facades that span years, upholding tradition.


little distraction, much beauty, a softness, stillness. There is space here for a journey inside perhaps through meditation or yoga or simply watching night fall.

Imagine...Luang Prabang.

  1. This’s going to be fun! I’ve lived in several countries too – presently in Sri Lanka, which I love, but realizing it’s time to be thinking of going back home to Oz, and setting up my final home. (Dilemma!). So It will be most interesting to watch you prepare for your (beautiful) Luang Prabang move.

  2. wow, sri lanka is on the list. what do you do there? how long have you been away from home? what’s your vision for setting up your final home? it’s one of my passions…making home. thanks for your comment and i will be hopping over to your site too. :)

  3. Yes, living in Sri Lanka is a wow. I’ve been living and visiting on and off now for 20 years, so it’s a bit of a wrench, deciding it’s time to move on. This time I’ve only been away four years. I had thought I’d stay indefinitely (brought everything, including the shovel) but the WFC has played havoc with my financial planning, and a bad fall and subsequent surgery and rehabilitation has reminded me I’m not as young as I feel!

    My real problem is that I don’t HAVE a vision yet, for my new life, or where I’d like to live it …

    … but no matter where, or under what circumstances, for me too, creating a beautiful nest for myself is one of my great joys. I must have been a bower bird, in a previous life:)

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