Having been in the international teaching realm for so long, one settles with the idea of changing job positions and geographical locations as a “normality”. The truth is, it’s one crazy ride. How many people do you know have an opportunity to start over every two years and actually DO IT? Often times, this includes:

  • selling, packing, unpacking, making home
  • learning a new language
  • getting comfortable with new school environment/staff
  • figuring out a new culture
  • maintaining contact and relationships with family/friends at home

To get a better idea of how this process works, several wonderful educators have agreed to share their thoughts and feelings on this chosen life impermanence.

VIDEO 1: ON FEAR (September 2011)~five sets of teachers contemplate leaving current positions for new ones

VIDEO 2: ON EXPECTATIONS (October-November 2011)~teachers have given notice and are in the thick of seeking new opportunities

VIDEO 3: ON DECISIONS (December 2011-January 2012)~teachers reflect on their choices made and put the experience to music

  1. I love it Chris. You did a great job of capturing the emotions of everyone. Keep on being amazing girl!

  2. Irene Morton said:

    There are some very insightful comments about fear, change and how we cope with it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kirsten Moss said:

    Love love love it! Erik and I are about to go overseas together -and there is a LOT of ‘chatter’ going on in our heads. It is comforting to hear others going through the same feelings. You two will be amazing at whatever you put your heart into! :-)

  4. Judy said:

    Awesome! These are very real fears and I gotta tell ya just because you move ‘back home’ after spending 12 years overseas the fear doesn’t go away just because you move back to your ‘comfort zone’. It has taken me 1 and a half years to finally land a job I’m happy about and Jonathan is ‘still applying’ for teaching jobs. I take my hat off to you and Craig, life is side show ride, some people like the merry go round…it goes around and around, some people like the roller coaster ride it goes up and down and is scary at times…I like the roller coaster ride!

  5. Dr. J said:

    My first fear (12 years, 4 continents and 2 kids later) is that maybe I will never find “the place”. Maybe I will always be looking for the next best place, the next best thing. My other fear (directly related to fear #1) is what happens when my husband finally says: Ok, I agreed to this life for 2 years and it has been 14 (or 16 or 18 or 20) years already. I am ready to go “home”. Where is home?

  6. Thanks, Di. Could not have done it without your dynamic self. So glad we connected on this journey.

  7. Thank you for all of your support, Irene. Makes things a lot easier.

  8. That’s awesome, Kirsten! Yes, it’s hard to silence the gremlins, isn’t it? Keep at it! Let me know where you land. Best of luck.

  9. Thanks, Judy. Good insight on returning home. I like the ride too. Best of luck to you and the guys.

  10. Dr. J: all of your comments resonate big time! I only started out with 1 year in mind too. And yes, the definition of “home” continually morphs. Sometimes we feel “homeless” but in a good way. Does that make sense? Best of luck to you and your family in your adventures. I appreciate your comment.

  11. Your comment makes me think about all the research being done on Third Culture Kids. What about us Third Culture Adults? I’m curious to know if we ever really can find one place, one home. I know I don’t feel right in the States, but I certainly don’t feel at home where I currently am either. I’m ok with that but will I be ok with it forever? I don’t believe there is a country or place that will fit me like a glove and I’m not looking for that. Am I looking for something or am I just enjoying the ride? Sometimes I’m not sure.

  12. Those are really good questions, Sarah. I know we’ve been looking for “the place”. Like you, sometimes I think it’s a different definition. Home is everywhere I love? Maybe that’s it.

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